Nail care specialist Happinail

By appointment only/Sense of security in a private room.
This is a hideaway style home salon.
A nail salon that specializes in nail care.
A treatment that will make you truly happy.
To fingertips that give you confidence and a smile:)

  • Owner nail artist KAORI

  • Nail care

  • Gel nails

  • Menu
  • Hand Nail care               ¥6,000.-
  • Hand Gelnail(one color)  ¥9,000.-
  • Hand Gelnail(gradation) ¥9,000.-


Business hours

By appointment only.
Last reception is 4:00 pm.
Please consult us outside of the above hours.
Overtime charges apply.


We cannot respond during treatment.


If you get lost, please contact us.